Your legacy is about more than how you spend your money. It’s about how you spend your time.

We take care of the tasks that take your time.

From streamlining your financial reporting and helping you establish a charitable trust, to coordinating service providers and educating your family about investing — Legacy Bridge Family Office Services will help you manage every aspect of your life more easily, so you have time to live life more fully.

Family Administrative Assistance

High net worth families require a high level of administrative support. That’s why we expect our clients to lean on our team to handle their day-to-day needs. Imagine having one person to call who is personally committed to your family and dedicated to these time-consuming tasks:

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Work with your attorneys, CPAs and insurance agents to oversee legal, business and family finances.

Maintain, update and store all documents in a secure electronic vault, accessible to you anytime, anyplace. This includes, wills, trusts, tax returns, legal business documents, real estate titles, and more.

Evaluate, track and coordinate all insurance policies to ensure adequate protection without redundancy.

Aggregate and organize all tax documents to provide seamless collaboration with CPAs.

Coordinate family professional service providers and resources to manage tasks and require accountability.

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Family Lifestyle Concierge

The time it takes to complete small tasks can add up, especially for families such as yours. That’s why we offer Family Lifestyle Concierge Services. From bill pay services and cash flow analysis to second home administrative management and consulting on large purchases — we help make your life simpler.

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Bill Pay Services allow us to monitor and pay credit card bills, utilities, quarterly taxes, tuition, insurance premiums, auto payments, medical bills, club dues, etc.

Cash Flow Analysis provides total household cash flow analysis and monitoring.

Large Purchase Consultation and Evaluation offers comparison analysis and impact evaluation of the purchase of autos, boats, real estate, etc.

Sourcing and Coordination of Personal Assistance for those in the family requiring additional healthcare or personal attention.

Managing Special Resources means assisting with complex travel arrangements and developing partnerships with special event providers and more.

Supervising a Second Residence and overseeing the providers of household cleaning, maintenance, and security.

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Accounting & Reporting

Tracking all of your household expenditures and monitoring multiple financial accounts can be tedious. You can rely on our team to provide comprehensive reporting tailored to your needs. And we’ll take the time to walk through the reports, listen to your questions and give thorough answers.

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Balance Sheet Analysis includes reports on expenses, integrated into household cash flow summary and monitored for accuracy.

Liability Management

Consolidated Financial Reporting brings all of your investment and financial information together for quick referral.

Online Data Security

Account Balance Tracking verifies that adequate funds are on hand to make necessary payments.

Rental Property Financial Management and coordination of payments, collections, maintenance and more.

Net Worth/Balance Sheet Reporting allows you to review your net worth and get a clear picture of future growth of assets for retirement and estate planning.

Account Transfers are facilitated and executed in a timely and efficient manner.

Quarterly Tax Management coordinates efforts with your CPA and family attorney to oversee planning and payment.

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Integrated Planning

Our Integrated Planning Services combine our reliable administrative support with our wealth management expertise to provide comprehensive plans for you and your family now, and into the future.

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Wealth Transfer Strategies: In addition to handling daily management tasks for your family, we work as a team with your CPA and family attorney to develop crucial Wealth Transfer Strategies as you plan to provide for future generations.

Strategic Philanthropic Planning: Like you, we want to ensure that your personal values are reflected in your legacy. With Philanthropic Planning, we can make sure your family understands your wishes and continues to support organizations close to your heart.

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Education & Special Projects

As the head of the family, you understand the value of having everyone on the same page. We do, too. And we can help you make sure all of your key family members are communicating effectively and are educated about the responsibilities of managing your family’s wealth.

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Coordinating Family Meetings: We bring everyone to the table, even if they’re a world away, so that key members of your family understand their roles and have a voice in decisions. We handle everything from managing schedules to planning an event, so that it’s personal, professional and productive.

Wealth Management Education: Giving your family the opportunity to understand the complexities of wealth is important. We will walk family members through every aspect of investing, estate planning, tax planning, inheritance, philanthropic endeavors and more.

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