Throughout the Discovery phase, we ask crucial questions that lead to our thorough understanding of your financial situation. We talk about your goals and objectives. We learn about your tolerance for risk. And we discover the intricacies of your current situation. Then we develop Investment Objectives that become our blueprint to help fufill your goals. Our discussion may include the following questions:

Goals, Objectives & Risk Assessment

What type of lifestyle do you wish to have? What are your aspirations?

What is the existing family structure?

How do you want to support future generations and pass wealth on?

Do you have special causes/interests that you intend to support?

Do you want your investments to reflect your personal values?

Do market fluctuations impact your daily life?

Current Situation

What are your current resources?
(I.E. personal income, investment income, real estate, Etc.)

What are your required/desired cash flow needs?

What is your current tax status?

Are there any special situations we need to consider?
(I.E. trusts, illiquid investments, future inheritance, Etc.)


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Your Goals and Objectives

Simply put, your goals and objectives will act as the blueprint for the construction of your investment portfolio. We identify the return required on investable assets to meet cash flow and future growth requirements. We also determine the various mixes of asset classes that will produce desired outcomes. Finally, we analyze which diversified mix of assets is best suited to produce optimal results. The resulting portfolio is designed to meet the required return target while achieving the minimal amount of acceptable risk or volatility.